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" today. boeing beat first-quarter expectations. deliveries of the 787 will resume in early may. boeing shares rallied 3%. the world investors own 350 million shares of eing slade netted $173 million today. also making money, cofounder of home depot owns more than 660,000 shares of yum! brands. the news helped yu brands, so he scored a paper gain of nearly $3illion. losing money today? gun shop owners, getting loans, the "wall street journal" says general electric financing unit is cutting off lending through gustores reportedly in response to the center's newtown school shooting. even when they say it is not, it is always about "money." ♪ adam: all right, everybody, let's get right to it. a lot of earnings today, qualcomm, vanguard, it to that released their earnings after the closing bell. dennis kneale knows tech more than anybody. dennis: how is it zynga can beat wall street estimates and earnings, yet after hours the stock is down nearly 10%? wall street thought zynga would lose $0.03 per share, came in at 1 penny sitive per share. wall street thought they would come in at $210
. >>> and u.s. aviation authorities discuss problems with the boeing 787 at hearings in washington. they say they understand why the plane's batteries failed, but they don't know the exact cause. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." health authorities across asia have been on guard against the aggressive strain of the bird flu that's spreading in china. now those in taiwan say they've detected the first human infection involving the deadly h7n9 virus. taiwanese public health officials say a 53-year-old man developed the flu after returning from eastern chinese province of jiangsu. he stayed there from march 28 to april 9. officials say after the man returned home he complained of fever and fatigue and was hospitalized a week later. tests showed he had been infected with the h7n9 strain. the man reportedly had no contact with live poultry in china. so far 109 cases of the bird flu have been reported mainly in the eastern part of china, including shanghai and beijing. of them, 22 people have died. >>> rescuers in bangladesh are digging through debris to find survivors of a deadly building coll
lighter as a result of fewer cargo flights. boeing dreamliners may be heading for the skies, possibly as early as next week. the 787s have been grounded since january because a couple of lithium ion batteries on board caught on fire. boeing reportedly has engineers and techs working this week to install re-inforced batteries on its jets, which will reduce the risk of overheating. "it took a long time to prove this fix, about 3 weeks longer than boeing thought necessary, so i think they feel pressure now to go ahead, allow these planes back in the air, put this nightmare behind boeing." an update on the boeing fix is expected wednesday, along with the jet-maker's first quarter earnings report. the debate over immigration reform is already getting heated in washington. lawmakers held a hearing regarding the proposed immigration reforms yesterday. there was a mention of the boston marathon bombings during the immigration debate. "so if you have ways to improve the bill, offer an amendment when we start mark up in may and let's vote on it. i say that particularly those who were pointing t
. part of the metal was discovered and it includes a boeing id. >> to get closer on the part. you can see the serial number and you will see the word boeing before that serial number. you can't say with certainty what that part is. but the assumption is, it is it part of the landing gear from one . 9/11 aircraft. >> of the two place hijacked by the terrorist 12 years ago, they were made by boeing and minutes ago, we heard crime scene detectives were in contact with boeing officials that confirmed that the wreckage is from the 7scen . they are telling the new york post that is owned by our parent company, that the serial number on the parts might not be traceable to a specific plane. right now good news for anyone planning to fly after the scow-'ve - so-called sequester led to delays, how soon it will get back to normal. remember boeing's plane of the future grounded after the problem with the batteries? they now have the green light to fly again. people in the midwest can't catch a break from the rain. there is a risk of more flooding. we'll tell you about it. [ male announcer ] dunes, de
boeing says it will invest $1 billion in the state. the associated press reports that the expansion will create 2,000 jobs over the next eight years. boeing is expanding its relatively new 787 assembly plant already there. the jet maker is also setting up a research center in brazil. boeing has five other centers for research outside the u-s. when it comes to frequent flyer miles.. .many americans could be making a mistake. a new study finds three out of four americans do not know how many miles they have acquired. an industry insider told us....its largely in part, because of poorly designed airlines' websites. "when you go to redeem miles, most of the time they won't actually show you everything that is available. the biggest issue is with their airline partners. most airlines are in alliances but they won't actually show you if those partner flights are available. so many people will go online to use their miles and think nothing is available, when there in fact is. that was brian kelly of the website "the points guy dot com." kelly says he personally has saved thousands in ai
it a million dollar move. how much boeing is spending to help create thousands of new jobs in the u.s., but the story is where they're spending that money and where they want to hire those folks. ♪ from boston. more headlines 30 minutes away. i'm jamie colby, back to cavuto. >> neil: well, getting right to work, literally. boeing is expanding to a plant in south carolina. the move expected to create 2000 jobs. just the latest company to add jobs in the state that lets workers decide if they want to join a union or not. what they call right to work states. dagen follow me closely. what do you think? >> i think that we need more right to work states because if you look at the last decade you've had faster economic growth in right to work states versus states where you have to sign up for unions. >> know the an all of them, some are-- >> some of them have, but broadly speaking when you do the averages, this is the last decade, 2000-2009, faster economic growth, faster payroll growth. >> i'm just saying. >> and i like the way we've skipped over south carolina's wonderful economic grow
, indiana, wisconsin and michigan. boeing's fleet of 787s appear to be closer to takeoff. several reports say we could know by next week whether the dreamliner will soon be back in service. the faa grounded the 50 jets after batteries burned onboard two 787s earlier this year. boeing came up with a fix, which the faa is now testing. the ordeal has already cost the jet maker $600 million, but more losses could be added on as airlines consider asking boeing for compensation. a quiet town in texas mourns the tragic deaths of more than a dozen people caught in a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant. it's considered the largest industrial disaster this decade. president obama quickly pledged federal emergency funds to the area. rescuers spent hours searching through rubble for survivors. the disaster started with a small fire at west fertilzer plant. according to reports, the company was fined $2,300 by the epa for a saftey violation, but settled in 2006. the german parlaiment is backing a $13-billion bailout for struggling cyprus. it's nearly twice the amount estimated a month ago. german
to stop the furloughs, arguing air traffic controllers are essential personnel. boeing's dreamliners are set to fly again. friday, the faa approved boeing's battery fix on its 787s. the jets could be in the air within weeks. meanwhile, boeing is slowing down production of its 747-8 jumbo jets because of weak demand for freighters. it is not expected to have a major effect on the jet maker's finances. dripping oil prices are seeping into the cost of gasoline. a gallon of unleaded fell around a nickel over the past week. phill flynn of price futures group joins us now. good morning to you phil. - good morning! usually you have me on when gas prices are going up and you are complaining. i think i should get some credit now that they are coming down. - how low will they go? - i think we could fall another 25¢ a gallon right now, because, let's face it, the cost of crude has been tumbling. in fact, if you look at the cost of brent crude, which has really been following gasoline prices, we are under $100 a barrel, and even opec may not be able to stop it, though they are talking about ca
earnings reports from before the bell about boeing, eli lilly, and others. the dow was down, dragged by a 6% decline after procter & gamble lowered its outlook for the year. the cfo described the economy as challenging, he confirmed his company's 2013 outlook. nasdaq and the s&p 500 both closed a tiny fraction higher. >>> encouraging housing news. applications for new mortgage loans rose 1% last week as rates on those mortgages kicked lower for a fifth week in a row. most of the new applications came from current homeowners refinancing existing loans. but at a cheaper rate. >>> many of those current homeowners are staying right where they are and taking advantage of lower mortgage rates. many would be home buyers are snapping up newly constructed houses, almost as quickly as they're being built. and that's driven some home builders to do something we haven't seen since the housing bust. building houses first on spec and then trying to sell them. diana olick has more on this old new trend. >> reporter: steven paul says he should have no problem selling this five bedroom home. he built it wit
and profitable news out boeing landed a mixed session on wall street wednesday. the dow fell 43 while the nasdaq and s&p remained unchanged. gold rallied $21 dollars, and oil gained $2.47 . earnings after hours triggered high volume trading after the bell. zynga fell then, bounced back some on a weak forecast.qualcom also fell on its outlook. however, akami shares jumped 16%.. after topping earnings and revenue expectations. and today, federal regulators will detail threats to the financial industry--including high frequency computertized trading. scott bauer of trading advantage is at the ready for some trader talk this morning. scott, who's buying this market? > > i don't think the big money fund managers are out there dipping their toes in up here. what you're seeing is the retail investor who maybe has not been able to participate over the last 6,12,18 months. anytime we see any kind of minor pullback at all they're the ones really dipping their toes in the water now. > > is wall street worried about the economy? i know we have a big gdp number coming out on friday for instance. > > it loo
. the decision follows an announcement from the u.s. federal aviation administration. the faa says the boeing plane can now resume operations once airlines carry out modifications. the announcement stated japan airlines and all nippon airways must repair the 787's batteries and take other safety precautions, including test flights. the carriers are expected to put the dreamliner back in the air as early as june. authorities grounded all 787s in january after incidents on jets operated by jal and ana raised concerns about the battery system. a smoking battery in an ana 787 forced the pilot to make an emergency landing in western japan. and a fire broke out aboard a jal 787 on the tarmac at boston's logan airport. japan's transport safety board and the u.s. national transportation safety board are still investigating what caused the excess current. all nippon airways and japan airlines have a lot invested in the 787 dreamliner. they want to get the plane back on the arrival and departure board right away, but some experts say the airlines need to be cautious. nhk world's chie yamagishi reports.
boeing did to get the okay for its troubled dreamliner to fly again. >> leigh: this is the last weekend in april, and temperatures will start to warm. get ready for a big warmup next week. my >> ama: after beinggroundded for more than three months boeing's 787 dreamlineer took of today. the faa declared the dreamliner safe to fly after they approved boeing's plan to fix batteries on the planes. all nip upon airplane flights won't restart until september 15th. >> youth baseball officials in north valley comiewptz are bringing life-saving equipment to bay area fields after a scary incident this month. roanoke park, cal cal ripken baseball, is buying four heart defibrillators. one of the players was hit in the chest with a pitch and his heart stopped. the little league is buying two of the devices. >>> bay area residents did their part to rid their homes of unwanted prescription drugs today. drug takeback events were held around the bay, including in oakland. law enforcement agencies accepted unwanted and expired medication, no questions asked. the event coincides with a national drug take
of the town's residents and a number of homes destroyed. dagen: boeing is oh so close to getting the 787 back in the light air waiting for faa approval. how long? and we will see how the currency holds up against the dollar across the board gains against the greenback. how do traders using technical analysis streamline their process? at fidelity, we do it by merging two tools into one. combining your customized charts with leading-edge analysis tools from recognia so you can quickly spot key trends and possible entry and exit points. we like this idea so much that we've applied for a patent. i'm colin beck of fidelity investments. our integrated technical analysis is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. >> your fox news minutes and president of bombing and the first lady attending the memorial service for this week's bomb attack. former massachusetts governor and presidential nominee mitt romney is among those attending. the president is expected to give remarks following the service. the search for survivors con
billion. they announced this week a purchase of 12 boeing aircraft with the leasing company. we are closing in on that on the next several months. i'm hopeful that you are also finding opportunities, deals, and the new relationships that you can make here at this conference so you come out of here with the understanding up opportunities and perhaps an order or two or the beginnings of an order. after this, larry summers had some airline problems coming down here, so we will have a conversation with michael o'neill instead. after that, a panel on competitiveness. was one of the best panels we had last year. following that, ray lahood on transportation and infrastructure and how it impacts global trade. we have the vice president of -- she has some advice on how we can do a better job at the banks. and the vice president will be here. that is a little bit later. as soon as you can come back to get screened for the luncheon speech, if you have to make a phone call, better to do it inside this area. the only other thing i would add, the unemployment figures came out this morning. un
following their disappointing earnings reports. boeing, though, is a real bright spot. that's been up 3.2%. coming up, we'll look at whether you should be buying the aerospace giant, now that it's nearly ready to restart deliveries, finally, once and for all, maybe, of the 787 dreamliner jet. >> and then, how about apple? hovering around $400 a share, failing to impress shareholders with t earnings last night. but is wall street just overreacting to what is still a very profitable, strong company? >> tim cook admits, they are a mature technology company. doesn't make them a bad company, though, right? >> but does it make them valued at 700? >> that's the question. >> just how big a threat are the hacks like we saw at that fake ap tweet yesterday to the market's integrity. cfte commissioner bart shulton weighs in on that. he wrote an op-ed piece today and we'll get his comments, coming up. >> the dow jones industrial average down just a fraction. been a negative day all day, but we are off of the worst levels, 14,712, last trade of the blue chip average. nasdaq looks like this, highest l
transported to a park that is built on top of the former fresh kills landfill on staten island. >> and boeing is conducted a another test flight of its 787 passenger jet over the west coast. the company set next monday's flight is designed to test the systems upgrades and not to certify changes in the plains of batteries. off 50 dream liner is are still grounded after two of them overheated. boeing expects to make a least one battery test flight. the test flight will be two hours from the seattle area to moses lake, washington. >> while boeing this test flights under way, japan's eight in a sense that it was to put pilots through the test. the largest customer for boeing is putting pilots through training to resume flights in june. the japanese carrier is also likely to use the dream liner initially for cargo flights once the new battery system is installed. >> new york city subway riders have been cautioned about smoking, sugar and teen pregnancy. now they're getting a new message that is passed on. the city's department of health is launching an ad campaign monday urging passengers routiniz
boeing dreamliner. the jumbo jet boeing hoped would be the future of air travel. and this evening, those jets are getting ready to take off again. so, what was the fix? did they ever figure out what was wrong with that battery system? here's abc's akiko fujita. >> reporter: the dreamliner took to the skies over japan today, home to half the world's fleet. a successful flight testing its new battery system. in africa, the first commercial 787 flight in four months. a welcome sign for a fleet plagued by problems. >> there's nothing that's truly life-threatening. but you had a bunch of technical snafus that have made things difficult. >> reporter: the 787 was supposed to revolutionize air travel. but the dreamliner has been one, big headache. while batteries overheated back in january, grounding the entire fleet. this fire on a boston tarmac and smoke onboard a flight in japan, prompting an faa investigation. boeing redesigned its battery system, adding more insulation and a venting tube to prevent the risk of fire. while boeing insists it fixed the battery problem, the company admits it ma
it earlier this year. pre-market shares of boeing are pulling back a bit and they've been at 52-week highs and phil lebeau will interview james mcnerney later today. >> they weathered the storm one would say, jim. >> not bad. >> never waiver. people don't understand, this is an engineering company and they always seem to think that somehow they're not going to get it right. they're a beloved company's, and nothing's changed and i think some of it is the ceo who is really one of the steadiest, least flashy, no hype to mcnerney. none. >> hard to evaluate the level at which they'll have to compensate carriers for the inconvenience. there will be some of that, but it's not material. >> the loyalty that you build up by doing that is amazing and the profit margins weren't going to be good and it's the 737 that's generating the profit and it's leak a semiconductor factory. the first 50% of the chips they'll throw out because they don't work and then it's 80 and then it's 99 and the profits are assumed and not yet and they didn't expect it to make a fortune. >> they've cleared it, but -- >> they'r
to be eligible for retirement in as few as five to seven years. boeing to address, it will pump $1.5 billion into its pension plans this year. what remains to be seen is what impact rising pension plans will cost as more money goes to be put into the pension funds. >> one person who does not have to worry about the pension. and the world's biggest yacht. we are here to take you on a tour. robert. >> with the largest yacht ever built made its long awaited debut. here it is launched in germany. the yacht builter, it is 509 feet long or more than one and a half football fields. it's 57 feet longer than the current number one. there is no official word on who the owner is, but the sources tell me it's the royal family of united arab emarits. it's powered by jet engines instead of propellers. this boat can go 34 miles an hour. we're told the interior will be french empire style. so lots of gold. think napoleon if he had a megayacht. sources say it's more than $600 million. >> wow. powered by jet engines. here and reporting a 10% stake in lululemon. they had to pull some of its yoga pants that wer
is 4:18 . boeing is conducting another test flight of a 787 passenger jet flight over the west coast. the company said the next month it light is designed to test system upgrades and not to certify changes to the planes batteries. >> all 50 dream liner are still grounded after two of them overheated. boeing is try to assure regulators that after some design changes, the batteries are safe. boeing expects to make at least one battery test flight. the test flight will be two hours from the seattle area to moses, lake, washington. >> while boeing its test flights under way, japan's all nipon airways--airline says it was to put pilots through the test. the largest customer for boeing is putting pilots through train to resume flight in june. the japanese carrier is also likely to use the dream liner initially for cargo flights once the new battery system is installed. a n k operates 17 of the carbon composite jets and has counseled more than 3600 flights through the end of may. >>, a prosecutor said they're going after the death penalty for james holmes . the man charged with killing a do
on earnings. apple at the top, but there's two dow components moving the proctor and gamble and boeing, so interested how those battery backfires influenced the quarter for boeing. >> right. so we're watching both the names here because boeing and proctor is a big winner and big loser, and they battle it out as far as how many points they are worth on the dow jones, as far as boeing, the dreamlines didn't hurt the numbers. they backed the full year gyps, beat the street, resume flying the dreamliner and get the deliveries hopefully out next month. ethiopia trying to start this within the week. proctor and gamble, oanders, a lose -- on the other hand, a loser, down 5.25% saying the recovery is choppy, and down beat earnings, that is, for proctor and game -- gamble. lori: thank you. adam: apple shares near the $400 level after the tech giant posted the first year over year profit decline in ten years. apple reported strong demand e and on the conference call, the latest devices will be out in the fall, but ahead of the report, a lot of analysts speculated there's going to be new iphones as e
boeing's approach to expansion in south carolina? yes or no and why? but yes. this is a right to work state and they had no business telling a company where they could locate. [applause] would you like to respond? >> this is an interesting answer. $70,000 fromn labor unions, and i think it is important whether one does or does not, what is important is when you were accepting this checks and you said i want to be the voice for labor unions in washington, d.c., to meet it is not exactly decrying where nlrb is on the issue, that issue critical for job creation in this first congressional district. mark, what you, are saying is not true. things can be taken out of context. proud to support and live in a right to work state, and i am proud of everyone who has supported me. what you are trying to do is divert the attention away from your platform when you know this is not true. >> so you would this about your words? >> no, i would not. i am proud to represent everybody in this district. the first pledge to congressional district, to represent everyone, mark, everyone. i totally agree. to t
gain for yum. 6% higher. now look at boeing, profit up 20% in a quarter. and for all of those problems with the dreamliner batteries and lower costs, drop in sales and the first priority is to resume dreamliner deliveries. 91 on boeing. please do not forget netflix, stock of the day yesterday. a big jump. a lot of new people signing up. nicole, netflix, please? >> all right. it's not doing much of anything today. i mean, yesterday, you saw it booming on the news of the subscribers in the great quarter and today fractional. stuart: thanks, nicole, now we're on the upside. 13 points higher after two minutes' worth of business. let's talk about the flash crash caused by a fake tweet sent after the associated press twitter account was hacked. twitter is working on a two-step security solution. here is what happened. the tweet said there was an explosion at the white house, computers, programed to read news bulletins, saw the words explosion, white house, they are keyed to read that words and triggered instant selling and i think the dow is 147 points down in a couple of minutes. and chris
. >>> still to come on "squawk" this morning, quarterly results from boeing, procter & gamble, ford, sprint and eli lilly. before we get to all of that and as we head to break, look at yesterday's winners and losers. i know what you're thinking... transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process. so, it's no surprise to you that companies depend on today's xerox for services that simplify how work gets done. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. with xerox, you're ready for real business. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. but i wondered what a i tcustomer thought? is great, hi nia... nice to meet you nia, i'm mike. what do you drive? i have a ford explorer, i love my car. and you're treating it well? yes i am. there are a lot of places you could take your explorer for service, why do you bring it back to the ford dealership? they specifically work on fords. it seems to me like the b
person per day, all part of a bailout plan to rescue cypriot banks. >>> meanwhile, boeing's dreamliner completed a successful test flight as the company hopes it has overcome finally those heating problems with its lithium-ion batteries. boeing needs permission to resume flights from the faa, and there are reports it may face another challenge, namely, a temporary ban on some long distance flights. one airline ceo says he has full confidence in the dreamliner, but he is concerned about something else, the impact of the sequ
as they scrambled to get out of boeing 737. everyone survived although dozens were injured. this man says he grabbed a life jacket and swam to shore. this passenger didn't know how to swim. rescuers carried him. the flight was operated by largest carrier lion air which has a checkered safety record. >> the european union does publish their black list. flyers into different parts of the world ought to check the black list. >> it was brand-new and delivered two months ago. it had all the latest safety features. >> probably the most important is it was equipped with 16 g-seats. these are seats that really can sustain a hard impact. >> it's unusual for planes to go down short of the runway. this crash in nigeria was blamed on engine trouble. >> there are thousands of these boeing 737s worldwide and u.s. investigators are eager to know what went wrong. they will be headed to indonesia to see what the plane's black box reveals. >> coming up next, a bus driver beating a passenger all caught on surveillance video. and rain could return to the bay area this week. meteorologist lisa argen is up next with your
of faultily parts on boeing jets. at least 1,000 boeing 737 jets need inspections of the horizontal stabilizers. no accidents have been reported. and the faa is not grounding the jets. >>> two massive avalanches barrel down the cascade mount n mountains this weekend. the wall of snow hit with no warning. the people caught up in it were terrified. they worked frantically to dig their way out. those who survived say they were beyond terrified. >> i thought, i'm dying. but -- i could hardly breathe because of the snow. continuously covered my body and then my face. >> one woman died. a man is still missing and presumed dead. >>> time for the weather across the nation. there will be more snow at the higher elevations of the northwest. snow in the rockies and the northern plains. the most severe weather across the plains and into the midwest. skies will be mostly clear. the east coast, there will be clear skies and some rain in the florida area. >> temperatures there and across most of the south will be in the 80s. low 60s from the d.c. area up to new york city. 50s in the northwest and
than 1,000 boeing 737 jets. the wall street journal reports that the concern is with "attach pins" that may have been improperly manufactured. if the pins fail, it can cause pilots to lose control of an aircraft. the directive was not a result of any accidents caused by faulty pins. the inspections are not expected to affect flight schedules, but could spell added trouble for boeing, which is still trying to get its dreamliners back in the air. two big-name retailers are denying compensation to victims of a factory fire where workers were making garments to be sold by the retailer. the controversy involves wal-mart and sears. a fire erupted at a bangledesh clothing factory in november, killing 112 workers. according to published reports, the two companies ignored a meeting to discuss payouts to help victims and their families. bloomberg reports both companies have said the suppliers used the factory without the permission of walmart and sears, and that the retailers are not legally required to help them. hiring is up at foxconn, and it's viewed as a hint the next apple iphone is i
earnings are due today. hearings continue today regarding boeing's dreamliner mishap. national transportation safety board members will question officials about the aircraft's lithium ion batteries that erupted in fire just months ago. "we are looking for lessons learned: not just for design and certification of the failed battery, but for knowledge that can be applied to emerging technologies going forward. " that was deborah hersman of the ntsb. hersman also said "it is imperative to undersand how to best oversee the batteries' development and certification." officials from boeing, the faa and the 787's battery manufacturers are all being called to testify. mcdonald's is being punished by a consumer agency in brazil. according to reuters, the burger chain must pay a $1.6- million fine because it targeted children with its happy meal advertising and toys. a spokesperson for mcdonald's declined to comment on the fine. in the latest round of earnings, coach and dupont emerged as winners. luxury buyers gave coach stock a bounce. the company posted better-than- expected sales. sha
boeing identification number. the object is twisted and rusted -- with cables and levers -- it' s about three- feet wide. the discovery comes more than eleven years after the attacks that brought down the world trade center. the u-s senate and house have passed a measure aimed at ending the air traffic controller furloughs which caused widespread delays this week. controllers had to take unpaid furlough days because of forced federal spending cuts. the measure gives the department of transportation flexibility in dealing with the forced budget cuts. it also allows the f-a-a to continue operations at 149- control towers which had been slated to close. the measure now goes to president obama for his signature. some democrats complain that the new bill is a band- aid for one agency and does not address the overall threats the across -the - board cuts pose to the economy. a volunteer firefighter has volunteered himself to drive from virginia to texas. he wants to help the town of track, after an explosion at a fertilizer plant killed more than a dozen people last week. reporter todd unger h
. >> ama: new details about a piece of plane found in new york believed to be from the 9/11 plane. boeing has confirmed the kind of plane that was hijacked a boeing 76. they discovered the part wedged between two buildings. owner of one the buildings plans to turn it into a islamic community center but after protests it's too close to ground zero. because of the location investigators will take their time to figure out how it got down there. the alley is just 18 inches wide. investigators found no scratches on the walls and there was a piece of rope wrapped around the part. investigators will also check the area for possible toxicity. on tuesday they will look for the possible september 11th human remains, about 1,000 families have never recovered the remains of loved ones. >> the furloughs of air traffic controllers are over and it's expected to stop tomorrow. they have suspended all employee furloughs. it comes a day after congress passed legislation to allow the agency to withdraw the furloughs. they begin this past week causing flight delays for thousands of travelers. >> all right. w
details on soa investigation on boeing's 737 jets. is find out how cherry blossoms are setting records along the way. and a chilly one out there but as jacqui jeras says it will change >> the latest on the rare bird flew stranded as planned for 14 deaths in china. an agency says the h7n9 virus has spread outside of eastern china. two cases have been reported in the central province of our run bank. three people have been affected. the world health organization says there is no health -- there is no evidence of human to human transition. the internet can be a scary place for teenagers. in national campaign begins to educate teens, parents, and others about how to protect themselves online in maryland. the announcement made by the attorney-general came during a conference at the state attorneys general and national harbour. this initiative is went to be a joint effort with a joint effort with facebook and the campaign provides teens and parents with tips and better resources on how to manage what information they share and when they share it when they are online. the
for the gun others. >> three months have passed since the grounding of boeing 787 dreamliner and ahead the plans to get the pilots back in the sky. >> interstate 80 wounding through berkeley shows heavy traffic that is moving. leyla gulen is monitoring traffic around the bay area and will tell you more >> let's talk temperatures at 47 right new in cupertino. also toward bodega bay and lafayette at 46 and san ramon is 45. richmond district is 51. 52 in alameda and newark and redwood city at 50. we have 50 right now in brentwood. now the highs today are in the upper 50's to low 60's along the coast. the rest of us should have high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. low-to-upper 60's around the bay. we will have mid-60's to near 70 inland neighborhoods and warmer tomorrow and with more cloud cover in the afternoon, it will be wet especially thursday morning, but dry as quickly as friday. have a good one. leyla gulen? >> a busy morning. in benicia it looks like the sig-alert is clearing southbound 680 at the mid-span we are look at very slow conditions. further ahead you can see where the
that just subsidizes u.s. exports. 8 percent of a loan guarantee dollars subsidize one company, boeing. john: it's good for america if they sell more planes. >> it's good for boeing. if you guarantee a loan to boeing, that means some other company is not getting that loan. think about the position of the bank. you can loan money to company a or to boeing. the government will back up your loan. they get it. the company loses up. john: thank you. coming up, how you subsidized haircuts for congressman. the chosen ones don't like us taking pictures of that. ♪ ♪ john: the department of agriculture also use our tax money to buy 400,000 tons of sugar to limit supply and booze prices so that sugar producers can payback government loans that they could default on. you calling me here? we loaned them money and our giving you more money so that they can pay back our loan. [laughter] he still wonder why were $16 trillion in debt, anybody? any questions? john: not for me. he gets that one exactly right. it is so of surged that it is fodder for, the show. but it should not make us laugh because we pay
position. some churches and conservative groups wanted to remain. >> troubled boeing 787 jets could be back in the air within a week. today the federal aviation administration approved boeing revamp battery stm for the dream lipers. faa says it will send airlines instruction next we can and lift the grounding order lifting that order gives boeing the go ahead to again retrofitting planes with the new battery system. boeing now completed 20 test nraits with the new tech until jichlt dream licenser flight ground have had mid january after battery caught fire and at least 2 jichlts up next. 7 news at 9:00. standing strong. people in china province killed at least 32 people. it registered 6.6 according to the usgs. officials told newspaper that as many as 100 people may have been killed and death toll could rise sharply. 7. 9 magnitude quake struck the same region leaving 90,000 people dead or presumed dead back in 2008. >> show of strength for boston today from the san francisco running community. it was all the idea of joanne in boston during the becoming monday morning. she put a
subsidizes u.s. exports. 8 percent of a loan guarantee dollars subsidize one company, boeing. john: it's good for america if they sell more planes. >> it's good for boeing. if you guarantee a loan to boeing, that means some other company is not getting that loan. think about the position of the bank. you can loan money to company a or to boeing. the government will back up your loan. they get it. the company loses up. john: thank you. coming up, how you subsidized haircuts for congressman. the chosen ones don't like us taking pictures of that. ♪ @ mowing your lawn isn't always easy. but maybe the problem isn't your lawn. introducing the all-wheel-drive mower from husqvarna. we engineered its unique drive system and dual transmission to handle hills& thick grass& and tough terrain& without losing traction or power the all-wheel-drive mower from husqvarna. challenge the impossible. visit us online to enter the challenge the impossible promotion understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by
grounded 787 jets but boeing says they will deliver those planes in early may so stock jumping two thirds%, didn't see any write-down pertaining to how many of those were grounded so people like those numbers from boeing. let's get all picture of what is happening across the world, traders at the stock exchange, nicole petallides on the floor as well. mark newman, you are the numbers got. looking at what is happening here, the s&p 500 looking as perky as ever, nowhere near the 1540 level. what happens in the next couple weeks? >> the risk reward isn't as good after multiple days of gains. markets are largely sideways since march. people don't realize the size of fact of making people somewhat complacent. we haven't moved that far to the upside in the broader market. we have new stocks hitting new highss. let's look what is happening today. we saw a big pull back in consumer staples names. the telecoms, consumer staples a lot of defensive plays showing signs of rolling over a bit. you are seeing big moves in energy which is showing signs of bottoming out and numbers this morning -- liz: it
, melissa. melissa: boeing's nightmare may be finally over. ethiopian airlines has become the first country to fly the 787 after the debacle, and japan completed their own successful test flight. i mean, look, the planes aren't crashing, but will passengers actually get onboard, and has the battery fix ruined one of the main selling points of the 787? joining me now, peter gold, former managing director of the national transportation safety board. peter also advised boeing on their recent hearings. peter is not authorized to speak for boeing. peter, let meask you simply, is the nightmare for boeing over? >> i think it pretty much is. i mean, the fixes are taking place across the world. the plane is getting back in the air. and i think after 100,000 hours of review that the multiple levels of protection that are now build into the -- built into the plane, i think it's going to work. i think the plane is going to have a successful relaunch. melissa: tell me about the fix, though, because it's my understanding that it added up to 100 pounds a plate, i guess, that insulated the battery in case
a big move on boeing at the moment. united airlines says it will put the 787 dreamliner that had battery problems back into service may 31st. they're fine with it at united. nicole, you first. what is moving. >> that is great news there for boeing. this back and forth market we're seeing right, that started back on the 19th of march and continues to do so. we haven't seep that since the late '70s. i want to look at general electric which is up 3/4 of 1% right now. ge big move here. this is because they have confirmed that they are buying lufkin for over $3 billion in cash, .$3 billion. this is in order to further ge's oil and gas business. they have been building up obviously in these areas. they have been doing a lot of acquisitions. and so we're watching lufkin which is 38% premium to the prior close this friday that is what we're seeing and this stocks has been up so big news there. liz: i remind people about lufkin. you may be saying who? over the last 10 years it is up 1200% for that stock. i want to get to sandra myth. hey, sandra in chicago. how is it going? >> hey, liz claman. we
to repair and shore up their homes. boeing is expected to wrap up testing of its troubled dreamliner. the faa grounded the 787s in january following a couple of fire flare-ups sparked by lithium ion batteries onboard. boeing has modified the batteries, and if the faa agrees, forbes reports dreamliners could be back in the sky next month. meanwhile, british airways is going forward wtih orders for 18 dreamliners. on the downside for boeing, airbus took the top spot in the aircraft industry in the first quarter. reports say apple is facing a blueprint bummer. apple's plan for a new campus in silicon valley is around $2 billion over-budget. bloomberg reports inital costs were estimated at $3 billion. now, its closer to 5. expensive building materials and extra landscaping work drove up costs. now it's trying to shave about a billion dollars off of the project. a best buy bounce: shares rose 15% yesterday after the retailer disclosed it will discount apple ipad 3s by 30%. the electronics retailer will also set up samsung's store within best buys in may. changes are coming to the meat mar
should watch. but first, here is a look at how international markets fared today. >>> boeing grounded 787 jetliners could soon be flying again. the federal aviation administration approved boeing's redesign for the faulty battery system. the next step in getting the plane back in the air. boeing's ceo said this clears the way for us to return the planes to flight. the new batteries will be shipped immediately. next week the federal officials will tell airlines how to make changes to the plane and issue the final approval to fly the plane with the modified system. >>> meanwhile, the nation's largest pilots union has teamed up with representatives of the major airlines to sue the federal aviation administration over its decision to furlow air traffic controllers. the lawsuit asks a federal court to block the furloughs, which are scheduled to kick in on this sunday. the furloughs taking place at regional airports across the country are the result of billions of dollars in automatic federal spending cuts approved by congress in the so-called sequester legislation. >>> honda is recalling more
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